International Students

The Fachschaft Mathematik/Informatik (FSMI) welcomes you at KIT!

Who are we?

The Fachschaft (FS) is a representative student body of - in this case - all students of Mathematics and Informatics. We give advice to students concerning their studies, arrange fun events, provide old exams and protocols of previous oral exams, have student representatives in committees and always offer you a cup of coffee (or tea). We are all students contributing on a voluntary basis and we do not get paid. We have two rooms, the Fachschaft Mathematik (FSM) in the mathematics building and the Fachschaft Informatik (FSI) in the informatics building.

Need help?

You can visit or contact us with any question - may it be about your studies, exams or other concerns - we will do our best to help you. If we cannot answer your question directly, we probably know where to send you to. You can come to both the Fachschaft Mathematik and Fachschaft Informatik. We have regular office hours but feel free to stop by anytime, there is a good chance that somebody will be there anyway. For international students we have the following email address for consultation: You can also find our general contact information here.

Want to join?

We are a mixed group of maths and informatics students who have fun being involved in university topics, all contributing in their own way and every mathematics or informatics student is welcome to join. The Fachschaft is a cool activity alongside studying. Generally, you decide how and how much you contribute. Some Fachschaft members invest quite a lot of time, but of course you don't have to embark fully right away. Editing an exam to make it ready for printing or giving a weekly consultation hour is a great help, too, and it is what most newcomers begin with.

New at KIT?

We are organizing the O-Phase (orientation days) for all new Bachelor and Master students of mathematics and informatics. The orientation days are a great way to get to know the university, life in Karlsruhe and fellow students. They usually take place in the week before the lectures start. You can find more information on our separate website. We highly recommend to participate! It is guaranteed to be fun and you will receive all the information you need to get a good start.

Preparing for exams?

We provide past exams and protocols of oral exams and consult students. Protocols of oral exams are notes from students who have previously taken an oral exam and wrote down the questions and topics the examiner asked about. We maintain a constantly growing database of those protocols and old exams for almost every subject. Feel free to visit us to get the best preparation for your exams. You can see which exams and protocols are available here.

Getting to know us?

To encourage bonding with us and other students, we offer two breakfasts in both the Fachschaft Mathematik and Fachschaft Informatik on different days of the week. Stop by - grab a bread roll and a cup of coffee for free - it's great for getting to know people! You can find the times for the weekly free breakfast ("Fachschaftsfrühstück") in our schedule.

More information?

For more detailed information you can find the IMAMA (International Master Mathematics) Handbook, which is also relevant to all international students and offers additional information for international master students of mathematics.